Ruta Ubiña surroundings


Ruta Ubiña surroundings


Description of the Route.

Starting point and arrival: Torrebarrio


Complete route: 13.5 km. Estimated time: 6 hours

Difficulty: high. - Unevenness: 500m. approx.



Signposted route.




Some advices :


It is advisable to wear appropriate footwear.

Dogs should not be carried loose because they can cause discomfort to livestock.

Although there are some springs and fountains along the route, you should try not to drink water without sufficient sanitary guarantees. It is better to carry water.

Avoid respecting the environment and other possible visitors, avoid shouting or carrying devices with loud noises.

The collection of waste is very difficult in these valleys. Try to take your garbage back and deposit it in containers.

In winter the road can be complicated by the presence of ice and snow, so it is recommended not to make the route unless you have adequate equipment.


La Ruta:


The route begins in the neighborhood of La Vega in the town of Torrebarrio; It runs through the streets of the town in the direction of the church, although shortly before, it deviates to take a track of new route that ascends in the direction of Ubiña. After about two kilometers of steep climb, the route leaves the track and changes direction to go to Collado del Ronzón. This stretch coincides with the classic climb route to Peña Ubiña, so there is a path that is more or less defined but marked with "milestones", stone piles that allow you to easily follow it. From the Ronzón, the highest point of the route, one of the most impressive views of Babia is contemplated. From this point, begins a gentle descent through a pasture area, called the Vega de Riotuerto, in which there are no roads or trails, but which is sufficiently signposted. The valley ends in a small narrowing crossed by the Riotuerto valley stream and at the end of it, you reach the Vega de Candioches. Here, the route connects with the road that comes from Casa Mieres, located in Puerto de la Cubilla, from where you continue descending along a track that runs along the bottom of the Sewer valley until you reach Pinos, the end of the route.


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