Sil river born place route



Description of the Route.


Starting point and arrival: La Cueta de Babia (1,470 m).


Complete route: 14 km. Estimated time: 6 hours

Difficulty: high. - Unevenness: 500m. approx.


Signposted route.



La Cueta de Babia is the highest altitude town in the province of León, 1,442 m.

The tremendous strength of the Sil River in its high sections caused an erosion that made it possible to capture the highest reaches of the Río Luna (river capture).


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La Cueta de Babia is 28 km from Villafeliz.


Some advices :


To make the complete route you must have some physical resistance. You do not have to ascend summits, but it is a long route with some slopes.

You must wear mountain clothes and shoes. Always a rain jacket and summer hat and sunscreen. Remember to put some binoculars in the backpack, since the chamois can be seen frequently.

Take your lunch It is a long route and probably will not give you time to return to eat. Although there are sources at various points along the route, it is preferable that you bring water since the one on the mountain is too pure.

It is possible that during the summer months you will find flocks of sheep in the mountain passes, with their corresponding guardians: the mastiffs.

Only for mountaineers: the Sil was born at the base of Peña Orniz (2,191 m.). If you dare to climb to its summit you will have a magnificent view of Babia and Somiedo.



The route:


The route has its starting point in La Cueta. As soon as you leave the village you can see the mill Cobrana, which is currently not used, but which was used for grinding grain and for the production of electricity. The road continues and runs very close to a sheepfold of recent construction, the Miro sheepfold, a little further on is the Bustusil sheepfold, from where the path crosses a small narrowing of the Sil that finally opens up on the Cebolleo grasslands to contemplate the Sierra de las Morteras, behind which lies the Somiedo valley.

From Cebolleo the path is lost and there are small paths that ascend to the Covalancho sheepfold, which preserves the ruins of the old circular-shaped hut and cave, which would surely give the flock its name. This cave was boarded up by order of the authority in the years after the civil war and now serves as a refuge for the cattle.

The route follows the paths that the cattle have marked to the east, where the extensive pastures of Cuetalbo are found, in the foothills of the peak Cuetalbo and Peña Orniz, two of the highest peaks in the area, on whose slopes springs the fountains Higher altitude of Sil.

The return to La Cueta takes place on the left bank of the Sil, following the riverbed downstream, but not before climbing the La Cueña pass, from where one can contemplate one of the most spectacular views of the Tremeo valley, the Montigüero peak (2,187 m.) and the Laguna de las Verdes.



1.- La Cueta de Babia - The route begins in the village of La Cueta, which preserves a large part of its popular architecture intact. Small and cozy village, it delights us with its silence and tranquility. Track next to Sil.


2.- Fountain Bocanegra - After passing a couple of shepherds' huts, and on a path, this mountain fountain hides on the right, where in case of trouble we can fill our canteen.


3.- Meadow of Cebolledo - Suddenly the valley opens to reach these meadows of bovine grass, at the foot of the Sierra de las Morteras, to go to the flock of Covalancho.


4.- Source os River Sil - At the base of Peña Orniz, in the meadows of Cuetalbo, the Sil River is born, which is nourished by diverse sources. Later it will cross the Bierzo, to finally pour its waters in the Miño, already in Galicia. "The Sil carries the waters and the Miño carries the fame".


5.- Chozo de Cuetalbo - Of pastoral tradition and transhumant, La Cueta has numerous mountain passes that are leased in the summer months to herds of merines.


6.- Collado La Cueña - From this point you can see one of the best views of the valleys, where our eyes can see the Laguna de las Verdes and the town of Riolago.


7. Waterfalls of Sil River - The Sil River, still young, delights us with jumping waterfalls, and then cannons in the valley.


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