Route Laguna Las Verdes


Description of the Route.


Starting and finishing point: Torre de Babia (1,297 m).


Complete route: 11 km. Estimated time: 4 hours


Difficulty: medium. - Unevenness: 500m. approx.



Signposted route.


Throughout the Middle Ages, the lake could play a strategic role, housing a fortified tower that still retains part of its walls and that should serve as a checkpoint for the transit of people and goods between the slopes of Leon and Asturias. Cantabrian mountain range.


Torre de Babia is 18 km from Villafeliz.


Some advices:


You must wear appropriate clothing and shoes for mountain. Do not trust the time you make at the beginning of the route, it can vary a lot.

We advise you to bring lunch, tablecloth and wine boot. If you have a good day you will enjoy eating there. Try not to drink from the sources, it is a very pure water.

We inform you that the way out of this route is all up, go slopes ... But as the return descent!


Only for mountaineers: The peak that watches the Laguna de las Verdes is the Montihuero (2,187m). Impress truth? It is difficult to climb, but the reward is magnificent views.




1.- Tower of Babia. We started the route in this village of Babiana, passing by the Tower that gives its name to the town and from which only part of its walls are preserved. The track next to the Torre stream is our way forward.


2.- Meadows of Tremeo. In these meadows you can see remains of the moraine of the glacier that occupied the valley. We keep going up, without hurry but without pause.


3.- Majada de las Verdes. Torre de Babia was always characterized by its pastoral tradition. So far the sheep go up to spend the summer and with them the shepherd who shelters in the chozo. Here the track ends.


4.- Meanders of the stream. On a path, we come to this stream that offers us some whimsical shapes that meander in the green meadow. You must cross it to get to the Laguna.


5. - Laguna de las Verdes. Its name is due to the vegetation that covers the lagoon in the warm months. It is of glacial origin and of little depth due to the scree that falls by the skirt of the Montihuero.


6.- The Waterfall. Already back to Torre de Babia we found a waterfall at the point where the stream is more lined. How about a paradina?


7.- Panoramic of Torre. Close to the end of the route, we see a magnificent view of Torre that shows us its location in the Babia Valley.



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