By car: Parque Natural de Somiedo y de Babia


By car, Parque Natural de Somiedo y Babia


Complete route: 113 km.



The Natural Park of Somiedo borders the region of Babia, so we propose this tour that brings together the two areas. Although it is a route by car, we also recommend that you wear appropriate footwear to be able to get close to the Saliencia Lakes, which are well worth a visit. We inform you that both the District of Babia and the Somiedo Natural Park have been declared a Biosphere Reserve.


We will indicate some establishments to eat en route.




The route:


Departure from Villafeliz, to head towards Puerto de Somiedo to enter the province of Asturias.


B. Riolago (km 10) - Our first stop will be in this beautiful and stately village which is accessed from Huergas de Babia, which preserves two good examples of rural noble architecture: The Palace of Quinones and La Casa del Escribano. You can find the Casa del Parque Natural Babia y Luna.


-. Laguna de Lago de Babia (Km 22) Located at 1,440 m. of altitude, this small lagoon of glacial origin, is partially flooded by its scarce aquifer contribution. It delights us with many specimens of the common and green frog, newts and carps.


-. Puente de las Palomas (Km 32) Located 2 kms. Beyond the town of Piedrafita de Babia, it surprises us rising to 82 m. of height on the River Sil that is leveled and offers a spectacular view


C. La Cueta de Babia (Km 43) - We head towards the port of Somiedo, but before we stop on the road to go to the remote village of La Cueta, the highest in the province of León (1,470 m) from where the beautiful route of the Birth of the Fountains of Sil begins. See detailed route


D. La Peral (km 61) - We begin the descent of the Port of Somiedo (1,485 m.) Which offers beautiful landscapes. We go to the village of La Peral, a village of summer vaqueiros and that has a viewpoint that shows a spectacular view of the valley.


E. Pola de Somiedo (km 71) - The next stop will be made in the town of Pola, capital of the Council, to visit the Interpretation Center of the Natural Park, as well as the Ecomuseum of the Trades.


Option: Ascent to Valle del Lago, to make the excursion on foot to El Lago del Valle, whose difficulty is low and is 6 kms. from town.


F. H. Veigas (km 78) - After taking the deviation towards Saliencia, we arrive at the town of Veigas where the Ecomuseum of the Somedanas Houses is located, houses with broom tile that have been recovered to show us the traditional architecture of the area.


G. Alto de la Farrapona (km 94) - From the town of Saliencia there is a track suitable for all types of vehicles that takes us to Alto, the border between Asturias and León. From here there is a short walk of 1'5 kms. until the Lake of the Cave, where formerly an iron mine existed.


Option: Extension to the Lakes of Cerveriz and Calabazosa that together with the first form the Lagos de Saliencia. Medium difficulty, 6 kms. round trip.


H. Torrestío (km 97) - We return to the track that takes us to this small village in the San Emiliano Valley. Torrestío conserves several granaries in good condition that served as granaries, whether privately or communally owned.


 We return to Villafeliz after a full day where you wait for you



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