By car: Omaña - Luna - Babia


By car, Omaña - Luna Babia


Complete route: 115 km.



This route that we propose is ideal for you to take a general image of our valleys, enjoying their contrasts and differences in architectural style and landscape. It is recommended especially if you are going to be in Babia only a few days.


We will inform you of some establishments to eat en route



The route:


Departure from Villafeliz, to go to the Comarca de Omaña through the road that connects Cabrillanes with Los Bayos.


B. Waterfall of Los Bayos (km 26) - The River of Puerto de la Magdalena before lending its waters to Sil, delights us with a natural waterfall that deserves a stop.


C. El Castillo (km 52) - Passing through Murias de Paredes, a stately town and former Judicial District, we arrive at the town of El Castillo, which owes its name to the 14th century fortress that watches over this village.


If you go with time and you want to walk, before arriving at El Castillo, you can divert to the so-called Valle Gordo that ends in Fasgar.

There begins the route to the Hermitage of Santiago: 10 km. Difficulty: low-medium.


D. Pandorado (km 57) - The hermitage, built in the 17th century, gathers on the day of its feast a multitude of banners from all over the region accompanying the Virgin in the procession.


E. Los Barrios de Luna (km 85) - Once arrived in La Magdalena, take the junction to the left towards Villablino, to reach Los Barrios de Luna, where the reservoir begins that inundated several towns in the region of Luna.

Here we can make a visit to the Pastor's Museum.


F. Panoramic view (km 102) - We continue skirting the Luna reservoir and enjoying its magnificent views and landscapes such as the Sabinar de Mirantes, passing by the Carlos F. Casado Bridge.


G. Hermitage of Pruneda (km 113) - In the hermitage, which marks the division between the regions of Luna and Babia, a popular party is celebrated on August 15. Simple rural architecture.


We return to Villafeliz after a full day where your house awaits you ...


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